Geographical Situation
  Razlog Municipality is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria in the region of Blagoevgrad,in the large Razlog valley, along the stream of Mesta river and in the foot of Pirin, Rila and the Rhodopi mountains. The municipality occupies a total area of 375, 8 square kilometers.
The municipality consists of eight villages, and the municipal center- the town of Razlog that is an administrative center of the whole region, which includes four municipalities: Razlog, Bansko, Belitza and Yakorouda. The bigger villages of all eight are Banya, Bachevo and Eleshnitza.
  Razlog valley is situated at 900m altitude and its middle part has flat relief.There are more hills on the North, and the surrounding high parts of Pirin and Rila Mountains have a typical Alps character. The climate is continental with slight Mediterranean influence coming through the valley of Mesta River.Winter is cold-the average January temperature in the high parts of the mountains is –2 o C.Summer is short and cool, with an average temperature 18,6 o C during July.The annual average temperature is 8,3 oz C. In the highest parts of the mountains the snow cover stays for 5 to 8 months or 150 days a year.
  The municipality is rich of water resources-through its territory runs Mesta River and its tributaries, there are also many underground waters and springs.There are many thermal waters with high temperature and debit-in the town of Razlog and the villages of Banya,Bachevo and Eleshnitza.
  The most widespread types of soil are the brown and bung ones, and in the areas with altitude above 1 600m-montain-forest soil.
  There is a large part of the National Park “Pirin”, situated in the territory of Razlog Municipality-the park is included in the UNESCO Convention for preservation of the world nature as cultural monument, also National park Rila. Here is situated the biggest biosphere preserve in Bulgaria “Bayovi dupki-Dgindgiritza”, which is rich with a large variety of historical sites and various flora and fauna.
  A number of Thracian cultural monuments are preserved in the borders of the Municipality. There is the early Byzantine Cristian monastery “St.Ilia” dated IV-VI century and the Middle age castle “Kaliata”. The “St.St.Theodor Thyron and Theodor Stratilat” in the village of Dobursko was built in 1614 and has unique wall paintings-it is pronounced a cultural monument under the UNESCO protection.
  The town of Razlog
  The town of Razlog(pop. 13 659)-the administrative center of the municipality-preserves the spirit of the Bulgarian Rivial culture.The most dramatic events during the Kressna-Razlog Revolt(1887) and the Ilinden-Preobrazhenski Rivolt(1903) took place here.A visit of the town will allow you to see 41 houses in the Razlozhko-Chepinski Revival architecture style having the status of monuments of culture.
  The old town houses (from the 1930's) in the central part of the town, the pleasant green parks,the freshness of abundant waters in the magnificent views towards Pirin and Rila mountain ranges make an unforgettable experience for the visitors.
  The churches “Sveto Blagoveshtenie” and “Sveti Georgi”, the town's museam in the Parapunov House, the Kipremaxev House the fulling mill (cascades of water to wash and thicken rugs) at the Yazo River are all parts of the many local attractions. Pleasant restaurants and old-stile taverns (mehana), amateur folklore groups and welcoming people add to the exciting stay in the town.
  Folklore and Traditions
  The variety and wealth of preserved traditions, melodies and colors in the area of Razlog is immense. Two of the biggest folklore events in Bulgaria take place here. Mummers Celebrations in Razlog are a unique experience for both the hundreds of participants as well as the numerous visitors. Because of the substantial interest, the local museum offers opportunities for mummers' demonstrations throughout the year.
  The Pirin Sings folklore festival is held once every four years at the Predel location. Virtually each village in the area has its own amateur folklore group, keeping folk songs, celebrations of Razlog.
  Nature is the greatest asset of the of the Razlog municipality. North of the town is the is the kingdom of the Rila National Park . Pirin raises to the south-the mountain that Slavs called “Mountain God” (Perun). The Pirin National Park is included in the Convention for the Preservation of World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites.In Pirin, there are more than 100 bird species and over 1100 plant species among which is the symbol of the mountain-the edelweiss. There are also 42 mammal species-wild goat, bear, and others.
  The most precious parts of Pirin are designated reserves.”Bayuvi Dupki-Djinjiritza” is a biosphere reserve under the auspices of UNESKO, where unique formations of white and black fir are to be found, together with more than 27 Bulgarians and Balkan relic species.
  Pirin and Rila are a paradise for lovers of nature and hiking. Tourists are familiar with the locations of Predel and Betolovoto and with the Yavorov Chalet. A magnificent place in summer,Pirin becomes a heaven on earth for skiers in winter.More than 2000 year ago the Thracians called that wonder of nature Orbelus, meaning Snow-Mountain.