Bratia Petar i Ivan Kanazirevi School
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  The school was founded in 1917. With a letter from 22 nd June to the Ministry of Public Education, the two patriotic citizens of Razlog – the brothers Peter and Ivan Kanazirevi announced that they had donated 200,000 golden levs for the support of a secondary school in the town of Razlog . The ministry thanked them for this patriotic gesture of theirs with a letter 9563 from 21 st July 1917 and by the corresponding ordinance confirmed the fund with their name.
  This is how the oldest secondary school in the region of Razlog – the “Brothers Kanazirevi” Secondary School was started. On 1945 the school turned into a full secondary one. From that moment till now 4700 students have graduated from it and 2000 of them have continued their education and have graduated from universities. Many professors, readers, doctors of science, lecturers, teachers, engineers, doctors, economists, officers, jurists and others have received their education in our school.
  The secondary school was awarded with two orders “Cyril and Methodius” III and II class because of its merits for the successes achieved in the sphere of education, social and economic life.
  Today about 700 students from I st to XI th grade study in the school. 50 teachers conduct an educative process of high quality. There are 24 rooms, laboratories in all the basic subjects, workshops, two sports halls, a swimming pool, a youth club, a library with more than 15000 volumes of fiction and specialized literature in the school. There is a modern computer hall and the school is connected with Internet. A specialized education in English, Mathematics, Information Technologies and Biology with an intensive study of foreign languages was introduced in the school several years ago. The results from this education are very good. Many students continue their education in European countries and America . The school has deep-rooted traditions in the extracurricular activities too. In many circles and sports sections the students show their abilities and interests. In many Olympiads (national school competitions) the students take the first places. The volleyball team of the school has been a national shampion for several years.
  During the weekends excursions among nature, visits of theatrical productions and museums, and sports competitions are organized.
  The school keeps in contact with the “ St. Christoph “ school in France, Volksschule Sooss, Vale de Carros – Arrentela – Seixal , Agrupamento de Escolas EB 1 n° 1 de Silves , Gimnazjum nr 4 w Ciechanowie, Gimnazjum nr 12 Olsztyn, Tõstamaa Keskkool
  The rich traditions, the professionalism of the teachers and the studiousness of the students turned the school into a centre attractive for the youth of Razlog.