147 Osnovno Uchilishte School
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  School 147 is the newest in Sofia, established in 2002 year. It is a primary school and is a successor of the 57 Primary school founded with the efforts and resources of the residents of “Krasna Poljana” residential district.In the last decade the school has undergone several transformations, namely-from primary to secondary and later in 2002-to a sports school. All these changes lead to the necessity of resuming the activities of the old primary school of our neighborhood, and again that was possible thanks to the efforts of the teachers and the parents of the younger students.
  The school is situated in the western part of Sofia, near the city centre. During this school year-2003/2004, which is second from the opening of the school, in it there are 259 students from first to seventh grade. Together with the majority of Bulgarian children we have also students of Gypsy, Armenian and Jewish origin, as well as such belonging to the Turkish, Albanian, Arabian and Cubin nationality.
  The students study in 13 classes with 16 to 22 children in each class.
  In our educational work we use norms and documents, set by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. As additional subjects students can learn English, Maths and Computer studies. There are groups, studying Religion, workshops in Literature and, Maths and basketball sports section. At the beginning of this school year the students founded their club, named “We, the sparrows”, after a popular children’s story by the famous Bulgarian writer Yordan Radichkov. The members of the club issue their own newspaper.
  There are many talented students in our school-musicians, actors, artists, sportsmen.
Unfortunately, we share the building with the sports school and this leads to many problems. The insufficient school basis is balanced by the high professionalism and great enthusiasm of our teachers, as well as by the help of the parents and sponsors.
Our ambition is to win recognition for school 147 as a spiritual and educational centre of our district.