1242 The first written notes about the present area of Tõstamaa from the time it belonged to Saare-Lääne (Insular-West) diocese
  1534 Tõhela, Ermistu, Pootsi, Liu and Värati are mentioned for the first time
  1553 Tõstamaa (Testama) bishop’s manor which belonged to Koonga administrative district for socage sevice is mentioned for the first time
  1624 Tõstamaa manor went into the Helmersens’ possession
  1665 Pärnu town bought Kastna manor from the Meelius’s family
  1680 Tõstamaa pastorate was founded
  1684 Pootsi, Seli and Tõstamaa manor were nationalized. Town manor Kastna remained untouched
  1688 A young man from Forselius’s school taught peasant children for two winters
  1720 The Helmersens got back their manor which had meantime been nationalized
  1763-1768 The present Tõstamaa church was built
  1790 Pootsi manor was pawned to a Polish chamberlain Lilienfeldt for 70 years
  1804 The building of Tõstamaa manor house began
  1819 The communes of Tõstamaa, Seliste, Pootsi and Kastna were founded by manors.
  1831 On a public sale Tõstamaa manor was sold to Wilhelm Fromhold Stael von Holstein, who earned the title of “a fool baron”. His son August was called “a mad baron” and his grandson Alexander “a wise baron”1845-1848 71% of the people living in Seli and Tõstamaa became orthodox. During half a century 4 orthodox congregations were founded: Seli, Pootsi-Kõpu, Tõhela-Murru and Kastna
  1858 Maydell became the real owner of Pootsi manor
  1876-1877 Tõstamaa manor house was rebuilt
  1921/1922 Tõstamaa school moved into the manor house, Pootsi school into the bailiff’s house
  1921 The parcelling out of the land in the possession of Tõstamaa and Pootsi pastorates began
  1926-1945 A school of domestic economy worked in Tõstamaa
  1927 A new townhouse was built into the centre of the commune – in Ermistu
  1939 As Baltic-Germans settled somewhere else, the Maydell’s family left Pootsi
  1940-1944 The World War and arrestments also touched Tõstamaa
  1944 September People began to escape to Sweden. About 100 people left Seliste as well as Tõstamaa commune
  1949 March 25 Sixty-seven people were deported from Tõstamaa commune and 22 from Seliste
  1953 September Tõstamaa school became secondary school. The first students graduated in 1957
  1962 Pootsi School moved into the manor house
  1970-1982 There was 8-year school in Tõstamaa
  1972 On Midsummer Eve the front side of Tõstamaa church collapsed, the steeple fell down and the organ was destroyed
  1982 Secondary school in Tõstamaa again
  1987 A memorial for Alexander Stael von Holstein who was the last baron in Tõstamaa, a famous scientist of East languages, was put up

1990 The 300th anniversary of public education was celebrated although late for two years. A memorial was put into the school park

  1991 The preliminary renovation of Tõstamaa church was completed. The present stage for singing was built and the folklore festival was celebrated in Tõstamaa
  1992 Since June 17th Tõstamaa has its own community again
  1993 Tõstamaa parish day was celebrated
  1996 The construction and renovation began in Tõstamaa manor school, unique ceiling and wall paintings were discovered
  1997 The first Tõstamaa commune days took place
  1998 Pootsi school moved back to the bailiff’s house
  2001 Pootsi school was attached to Tõstamaa school
  2002 An up to date boarding house was completed in Tõstamaa school
  2002 Tõstamaa church got a new steeple, only the spire and the cock are missing
  2004 Schoolwork in Pootsi schoolhouse ended